i hate yelling at my son

i am going to minimize yelling at maxwell by keeping a log of my yelling episodes and how i can prevent.

I want maxwell to grow up to be a healthy man mentally emotionally and physically. this means i must improve communication with my son. yelling isn’t the best way to communicate and repetition doesn’t guarantee success in communication. successful communication must lead to change in behavior. if my son is keep hitting me when i told him to stop, i should explain why hitting is bad. when he keeps on hitting, i must show my disappointment in him. yelling isn’t pleasant and not always effective. i cannot always yell if so the effectiveness will decrease when I must. my goal is to decrease yelling down to once a day down to once a week.

this morning i yelled at maxwel to get back to his car seat. i didn’t buckle him and i went to clean the garbage out. i didn’t explain him that and he probably thought he needs to follow me. my bad. i must give him benefit of doubt. i must clearly explain to my son that the time is running out and dad is running late for work.

maxwell was pushing on the bounce house. i don’t want him to drag it because it will hit something sharp and blow up. i should explain why it is a bad idea. it doesn’t guarantee his change of behavior but i want him to decide based on reason not based on authority. authoritarian parents will raise either sheepish or rebellious children. i want to raise a rational child. i should explain why he shouldn’t do or should do so that he understands the reason. Maxwell is smart and this might be the best way to change his behavior.