irc2 development log

# fixed automerging issue
– Spike indexing was incorrect when extracting trPc 3D array.
– waveform shifting produced comparable result

# todo
– [x] compute rho and delta using parallel resources
– [x] compare performance between irc and irc2
– [ ]add drift correction and compare drift performance

# Runtime comparison
– dataset: static_siprobe\rec_64c_1200s_11
– irc.m: 123s, mean accuracy: 89.8, 62 above .8 accuracy, 1.8GB
– irc2.m (fGpu=1,fParfor=0): 64s, mean accuracy: 89.3, 62 above .8 accuracy, .776GB

# irc2.m speed test (drift correction not implemented yet)
-fGpu=1, fParfor=0: 64s
-fGpu=0, fParfor=0: 389s
-fGpu=0, fParfor=1: 158.6s (20 nodes, local)

# irc2.m test on linux workstation
-fGpu=0, fParfor=0: 292.5s
-fGpu=0, fParfor=1: 133s (20 nodes, remote)
-fGpu=1, fParfor=0: 45s