sep 19 2019 @ flatiron

Start: 10:30 AM
Goals: memory loop plot, data backup, v4.9.5 debug with bapun,

# Memory test status
Still going. the param_set2.prm include cached results so I need to consider file read time, which should be about 1GB/s.

# Bapun v4.9.5 vs v4.9.11 comparison
No obvious difference. Formatting issue is suspected. Run his dataset tomorrow using his own parameter. Also run using makeprm command

# Dan English Dataset library
Not downloaded yet. I should do this after making parforeval command

# Disk backup
New 4-bay disk is setup. Each can hold 40TB (RAID0). My personal data will be RAID5 (30TB) and the recordings will be RAID0 and will be stored in CEPH. Linux gets 20TB of scratch (RAID0) to be managed by LVM. Eventually I will invest in 14TBx4 which gives 12TB extra with RAID5. This will come at $1600 price tag. I can only afford an enclosure (30TB) at this point. I will setup 10TB scrach drive in linux and 10TB in windows. I will keep a copy of the data at home to be used with my Lenovo.

## Final goal
– 40TB Hitachi RAID5 keep at home (enclosure ordered, fill with personal data)
– 40TB WD RAID0 keep @ work (filled with recordings, hardware RAID)
– 40TB WD RAID0 windows enclosure (temp data keeping purpose)
– 20TB Hitach keep in Moneybox (10TB for windows, 10TB for ubuntu)

## Data migration plan
– day0: empty 80TB WD RAID5 tower to 40TB RAID0 Hitachi (recordings) and 20TB Hitachi drives (personal)
– day1: copy RAID0 Hitachi (recordings) to CEPH via Globus (over the weekend, ~30TB)
– day2: bring 4-bay enclosure from home (Monday), add 40TB WD, copy from 40TB Hitachi RAID0 overnight
– day2: Change 40TB Hitachi to RAID5 and copy personal data (20TB Hitachi) overnight
– day3: Take 40TB Hitach RAID5 home, borrow 40TB WD to setup linux RAID