Flatiron workstation LVM RAID setup

# Dell precision linux setup (T7910)
– Dylan suggested RAID5 XFS on the CENTOS workstation. RAID is managed by LVM (logical volume manager).
– The plan is generate the dataset and run the benchmark on this workstation. When my own linux box is cleared then I could clone the setup.
– Dylan disabled the last access time field, a performance hack.
– Currently generating the test dataset. The RAID is being built but the writing to disk is still possible. He recommended softraid.
– The question about why not using CEPH. read/write variability on the workstation. this is the reason why I want a local RAID. I am dealing with a large file read and write and I want to keep all the processing to local.

# Linux thunderbolt
install sudo apt install bolt
restart and mount
Dell workstation has Thunderbolt port available.

# Memory profiling caveat
In Ubuntu, the memory profiling precision above 20MB (MB is 10^6 whereas MiB is 2^20)