parenting and discipline

Pure freedom is like random noise which knows no direction, no outcome no future. It only leads to a random walk. I am getting concerned about whom my son is becoming. He is getting out of control by yelling, complaining, whining and crying to get his way. The main issue is that I need to get to work on time but my commute often gets delayed by listening to all his demands or my wife’s demands. This is very bad for the future of our family. I have no interest in raising a son whom I would hate to spend time with. Discipline must be balanced with indulgence and many Americans confuse indulgence with happiness. Indulgence is mostly based on material gains or service received by spending money. We need to indulge at times but it must come as reward for work being accomplished, not by accumulating credit card debts. Jordan Petersen said something along the line of “women indulges and man disciplines. Women do as they please and men do what he must”.

I don’t want my son to grow up like a girl. Americans used to be very disciplined people and their hard work changed all of our lives for good. since the civil rights movement the pendulum swung the opposite direction. entitlement and identity politics. disciplines do not matter any more only loud mouth gets what they want. no wonder the country is falling apart. there is no social familial responsibilities. everyone does as they please without thinking of consequences in their near term and far future. the collapse is guaranteed.

I used to be liberal but i can see how the extreme liberalism can destroy individuals families society nation and the whole planet. freedom is a random noise from neuroscience research. it is unpredictable and animal behaviors have been shaped, not perfectly nor completely by the forces of evolution. behavioral flexibility and freedom comes at a cost of suboptimality. micromanaging one’s action is not what i want. i want guidance in everyone’s lives to bring collectively better future. many have tried or at least gave a lip service to this notion. national socialism, international communism, market democracy. market democracy is about choices. females are about choices. shoppers choose. consumers get manipulated by ads and the whole population can be hacked in their brain. what kind of future do i want to live? what do i want my next year to be? am i stuck or am i going somewhere?

don’t be hacked by the social machineries of mass media. news tells half truth half lies. the wise one knows this. the cunning one knows this too. knowledge is power. actionable knowledge is power if i must add. i learned the basic human nature when i restrained by social constructs. it leads to good things in some and terrible outcomes for most people. that’s what an ultimate freedom brings.

I already wasted countless time getting hacked. i am wiser and i will act on the personal experiences i have gained and countless failures i experienced. i am sharing my thoughts to find friends and guide people whom seek advices.

Parenting completes a msn’s destiny. parenting forces me to shape up myself if i managed to be a good dad. what is being a good dad about? i must provide mental and material and emotional supports to my son. i must teach him what he can and cannot eat or play with or touch or act on. i must teach him patience and appreciation for the family and community. i must teach him true strength and warmth of character. i lack many of these but i want my son to be better than me. by helping him to achieve these goals i will become a better man. super man. ubermensh. quiet frankly the future is going to be harder much harder to live in. it would require superhuman qualities to simply survive. i must guide my son to the path toward superhuman. being good is not good enough anymore. being better is not good enough. superhuman intelligence emotional resilience and strength and endurance all of them are required in one person. human being are finally being forced to become complete. we must master our technology not the other way around. we must console machines not the other way around. there are already very few masters and many ignorant mass who live in a flat world. masters live in a tall and narrow spire whom oversees everyone. flatlanders are not even aware of what’s above us. they spend majority of time moving horizontally not vertically.

i need to move vertically and it’s going to require concentrated and directed energy that’s sharply focused toward above.