debrief global brain 2019

loren frank talk hippocampus theta sequential firing sharp wave ripple during immobility but sequential firing during theta occurs during movement. the difficulty is lack of firing need smaller spikes thus requires spikesorting free decoding and the animal decides left or right that alternates this is the work by kenneth kay et al on biorxiv 2019. hippocampus and forebrain interaction very interesting you can trigger lfp averaring using out of field spikes. looking at the pfc and hippocampus interaction you get to see how the memory can possibly transfer out of the hippocampus. i wonder if the sequences can be selectively disrupted in real time. the flex probe can scale up. they can soon mount 512 channel chips (flip chip bonder) on the flex cable. interconnects are the hardest as expected. spike gadget collaboration with loren’s lab. very innovative solution using flash memory storage. 8 arm choice poster was interesting it scales up the two choice task based on W arm maze.

Time to think early in the morning i rarely get this moment alone since my son was born i need to wake up earlier and devote time to think. this is precious because i need to access my new neuroplasticity and plan the future.