Sep 2 Mon Labor day @ Flatiron

Learning React. why? it ties model view controller framework. Imagine what I can do if I can expose the controls through the web. My work will be completely visible and usable by the users through the web interface. react is the fastest way to get the scientific tools to the users. JSX + react allows easy integration with the python backend. this is why I must learn react. it’s tied to Jeremy’s new visualization effort (reactopya) and it’s a very scalable way to design scientific visualization. Combined with kb-snapshot (model), spikeforest (controller), reactopya (view) it allows full integration of the flatiron pipeline. Now it’s time to build a strong well integrated system.

The ultimate goal is to implement all neural processing routines on the web and work with Jeremy to realize this dream. Break the boundary and make the data available anywhere everywhere. Let the web technology transform the way science is conducted. I bet CZI has similar vision.

Built-in Javascript functions

  • setInterval(fh, milliseconds)
  • new Date().toLocaleTimeString()

Built-in react functions

  • ReactDOM.render(element, document.getElementById(‘root’))
  • const element = (); #declare
  • React.Component doc

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