T. Chen Fong and fMRI+ephys

Neuralink investor

Southern Alberta hall of fame

Order of canada

Simultaneous fMRI and Ephys

Simultaneous FMRI and electrophysiology in the rodent brain.



Ferromagnetic material free probe from neuronexus

ferromagnetic material (iron cobalt nickle)

Small animal MRI

Bruker Biospin 9.4T scan- ner (Bruker Medizintechnik, Karlsruhe, Germany) equipped with an actively shielded gradient coil. A quadrature volume transmitter coil (model: MT0381, inner diameter=86mm) was used for RF excitation. An actively-decoupled surface coil (model: MT0105-20) was placed di

9.4 T 210 ASZ (Varian, Inc. Palo Alto, USA) 

Small animal MRI in uCalgary: experimental imaging center (Jeff Dunn)

Dunn et al 2009: carbon electrode + MRI
Cam Teskey: Jeff Dunn’s collaborator

Correlative measurement study

OptoMRI: light modulated vaso dialation.
fMRI vs ephys agree and disagree
JoVE article on fMRI+glass electrode

Small animal MRI in uAlberta

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