uoc visit

jorn davidsen. fMRI paper. two network interactions. stability across subject. connect him to dan english.

christph simon. quantum effects in neuroscience. photons in the brain. network. cryptoprotein.

Wilten Nicola. hard drive theory. nature neuroscience paper. two oscillations. interneuron rings.

how to decode information from hippocampus and expose them.

# Committee
David Knudsen, David Park, Ania Harlick, Jo-Anne Brown, Claudia Gomes da Rocha,

# Funding
NIH-CANADA: Participation by Canadian Researchers in the NIH BRAIN Initiative
NSERC Discovery Grant: Aug 1 (intent), Nov 1 (application), instruction
NSERC CREATE Grant: Collaborative research and trainig experience training. $1.65M for 6 years
CFI: Canadian foundation for innovation (Sep 16)
Compute Canada: Nov 8
KECK foundation:
Simon’s foundation

# Equipment
Surgical microscope

# Day 0 schedule

# Day 1 schedule

Talk, lecture (clustering)
meetings with David Knudsen, Jo-Ann Brown, Ania Harlick,
Lunch with students
Richard Frayne

# Day 2 schedule

Group questions: funding. research. impact. teaching. outreach
meetings with Wilten Nicola, Jorn Davidsen
Lunch with David Feder, David Hobil, Ania. Penetrating ground radio
Meetings with Christoph Simon, David Feder, David Hobil

# Day 3 schedule

Breakfast with T. Chen Fong with Jorn Davidsen, Wilten Nicola, David Park @ Calgary Golf & Country Club

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